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DIOSNA features every important bakery machine for dough production, which is needed by all well-equipped bakeries. As a result, DIOSNA bakery machines are in action at nameable companies worldwide. Perfected Kneading Machines and Mixing Plants belong to these bakery machines as well as the High Pressure Pre-Mixer1, the multifunctional Planetary Mixers and qualitative Stirring and Beating Machines, the Elevator Tippers and the Crumbing Machines.

Kneading Machines

Convincing mixing technique in dough-making

Mixing Plants

High economy with automatic dough-making


High Pressure Pre-Mixer1

The revolution in dough-making

Stirring and Beating

Unbeatable quality and performance

Elevator Tipper

The optimum dough feeding unit

Crumbing Machine RZ 4

Profitable crumbing for waste bread and many other tings

Spiral Mixers, Wendel Mixers and L-Shaped Mixers belong to the Kneading Machines in the field of bakery machines. These machines achieve ideal results not only with every kind of dough but also with every amount of dough. Besides, these machines are very robust, which warrants a high expectancy of life.

Mixing Plants, like e.g. Laboratory Mixing Plants consist of fully developed bakery machines, which were perfected by a filed automating technique. The Bottom Discharge and Carousel Principle, the Dough Rest System and Linear Transport System as well as the ContinoMIXX belong to these product line of bakery machines.

The High Pressure Pre-Mixer1 is like a revolution of all DIOSNA bakery machines. This innovative technique facilitates a new method for the production of sponges and sourdoughs. These kind of doughs can be produced even more expeditious and with a higher value.

DIOSNA Planetary Mixers are known for their versatileness. These multifunctional machines are perfected to the very last detail and are therefor qualified for the mixing and stirring of every kind of dough. The Stirring and Beating Machines belong to the worldwide known bakery machines of DIOSNA. High quality and huge efficiency characterize these bakery machines. Due to these facts, DIOSNA bakery machines are known among all bakers.

After the dough production, the DIOSNA Elevator Tippers arrange for an ideal dough supply. Elevator Tippers support rational work flows and tilt over at the highest standard. The DIOSNA Crumbing Machine is applied, if bread or baps are left over. This Machine is all-purpose and therefor a very valuable and efficient tool of bakery machines.

¹Used under license of Dr Bernhard Noll and ahk Service & Solutions GmbH, Schwaigern