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Crumbing Machine RZ 4

Profitable crumbing for waste bread and many other tings

Abbildung DIOSNA

Crumbing Machine RZ 4 at a glance

· Commercial use of unsold products
· Rough grinding of grain and seeds
· Reduction of ingredients just before they are used to cut purchasing costs, improve freshness and simplify storage

Standard equipment:
· 2 plate sieves (10 and 20 mm)
· 1 screen (6 mm)
· 1 collecting bag
· 1 filling hose
· 1 spreader ring for continuous feeding

Description of the Crumbing Machine RZ 4

The effectiveness of the DIOSNA RZ 4 Crumbing Machine is due to the interaction of the crumbing tolls with sieves. Plate sieves and sreens of varying sifting fineness to produce all grades from pulverized breadcrumbs to coarse reduction of waste bread, cake, etc.

The DIOSNA RZ 4 is made almost entirely of stainless steel. It is mobile, of compact space-saving design and the official German GS safety approval. The filling funnel with antiscatter opening features a rapid-action lock so that the entire unit can be easily folded back for easy cleaning.

A powerful direct drive is combined with an effective braking facility for simple and completely safe operation.