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Elevator Tipper HK 1200

High Level Elevating

Abbildung DIOSNA

Elevator Tipper HK 1200 at a glance

· Optimization of production processes in medium-sized and large companies
· Alternating tipping of bowl carriages of various sizes and brands
· Can be used for several production lines
· Lifting capacity up to 1.200 kgs
· Tipping levels up to 7.000 mm (with additional ceiling mounting facilities)
· Stable and sturdy construction for industrial use
· Quick lifting sequence
· Easy operation
· The construction height can be adjusted to specific local conditions
· Optional scraping device for automatic bowl emptying (with a DIOSNA bowl clamping device)

Description of the Elevator Tipper HK 1200

The DIOSNA HK 1200 bowl elevator and tipper will considerably improve the production processes in traditional and industrial bakeries. The extremely robust steel construction and secure lifting platform of the HK 1200 enables it to lift and tip bowls of all sizes, including alternating them.
The relevant dough quantities are rapidly transferred from the mixer to the dividing machine. This effectively supports the production of high-quality dough.