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Elevator Tipper HK 170

Easy operation, powerful technology

Abbildung DIOSNA

Elevator Tipper HK 170 at a glance

· Lifting platforms available for all bowl sizes
· Frontal bowl entry
· Emptying height in accordance with local requirements
· Stationary or mobile configuration
· Short lifting and lowering times
· Large tipping angle
· Robust steel construction
· Bowl extension, switch cabinet, protective bracket from stainless steel
· Easy to clean
· Tried and tested safety

Description of the Elevator Tipper HK 170

The DIOSNA HK 170 bowl elevator and tipper can lift loads of up to 600 kg (bowl and dough). The lifting platform, entry direction, tipping height and configuration can be adjusted to local company requirements.

The simple pushbutton control is easy to operate. Dough can also easily be fed into the dividing machines without an intermediate funnel, thanks to the variable tipping angle.

This enables the HK 170 to provide optimum productivity in all bakeries.
The bowl is lifted and tipped by a robust gear brake motor connected with a lifting chain. Because of the standard tipping height of 1640 mm and a motor power of 1.5 kw, the bowl can be lifted in 30 seconds. The standard tipping height requires a ceiling height of approx. 3360 mm.