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Elevator Tipper HK 224 / HKV 224

Improved efficiency by saving time

Abbildung DIOSNA

Elevator Tipper HK 224 and HKV 224 at a glance

· High productivity due to rational work processes
· Easy bowl insertion
· Safe and reliable inseration
· Tipping cycle with narrow tipping curve (interval tipping also possible)
· Thorough discharge because of the135° tipping angle
· High cycle rate
· Solid and robust construction
· Optimum safety as a result of two roller chains
· Low space requirement on account of the top-mounted drive
· Ease to clean owing to clearance above floor (HK 224)
· Low-maintenance
· Tried and tested safety
· Optional scraping device

Description of the Elevator Tipper HK 224 and HKV 224

The DIOSNA HK 224 / HKV 224 bowl elevator and tipper enables bakeries of all sizes to achieve optimum efficiency.

The stationary version of the HK 224 is for tipping heights of 1035 mm to 3000 mm and the mobile version for tipping heights up to 1840 mm.

Bowls of various brands and sizes can be tipped. The standard lifting platform is only configured for DIOSNA types. The standard platform also enables all DIOSNA bowls for SP 120a D to SP 240a D spiral mixers and the bowls for the DIOSNA W 160a and W 240a Wendel mixers to be tipped.