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Elevator Tipper HK 300 and HK 600

For rational production cycles

Abbildung DIOSNA

Elevator Tipper HK 300 and HK 600 at a glance

· Stable and sturdy construction for industrial use
· Can be used for various bowl sizes and brands
· Quick lifting sequence
· Easy operation
· The construction height can be adjusted to specific local conditions
· Optional scraping device for automatic bowl emptying (with or without a DIOSNA bowl clamping device)
· Alternating emptying of bowl carriages of various sizes and brands

Description of the Elevator Tipper HK 300 and HK 600

The DIOSNA HK 300 and HK 600 bowl elevators and tippers bring many advantages to traditional and industrial bakeries. Both the stationary and mobile versions of our machines guarantee an optimum performance due to their safe bowl platforms and stable steel construction. These robust special elevators empty the bowl carriage and transfer the required dough quantities from the mixer to the dividing machine, installed on the same level.