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High Pressure Pre-Mixer1

The revolution in dough-making

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The High Pressure Pre-Mixer1 at a glance

· quick processing of sourdough and sponge based on wheat or rye
· hourly output of up to 3.000 kg dough
· lowest possible energy consumption, minimal dough heating
· effortless integration into existing processes
· quick change-over of recipes as needed at any time
· no development of flour dust
· minimal space requirements
· easy operation and cleaning, effortless maintenance

Description of the High Pressure Pre-Mixer1

High water absorption, dust-free and highly energy efficient: quick dough processing with the High Pressure Pre-Mixer1.

The innovative High Pressure Pre-Mixer1 process allows for an entirely new way of sponge and sourdough. Flour, salt and barm – for optimal results also with reservoir sponge and scrap dough – are fed into the mixing chamber where they are intercepted by a high-pressure water jet.

The flour particles are treated with an intense moistening as well as a very good diffusion with water. The particles agglutinate and within a few seconds a homogenous dough is generated that can be immediately supplied for further processing.

The scientifically verified High Pressure Pre-Mixer1 process allows for a high hourly output and is suitable for the bakery craft as well as industrial manufacturers.

¹Used under license of Dr Bernhard Noll and ahk Service & Solutions GmbH, Schwaigern