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Spiral Mixer DSP 240 A - DSP 400 A

Best possible mixing results with all types of doughs

Abbildung DIOSNA

The DSP 240 A - DSP 400 A at a glance

The comfort

· smooth surfaces for easy washdown
· no superfluos elements like cylinders and bars in the dough mixing area
· sanitary paint free finish
· floor clearance for an optimum of sanitation according to HACCP
· maintenance-free

The performance
· best possible mixing results with all all types of doughs
· fast cycle times: up to 3500 kgs dough per hour
· temperature increase reduced to a minimum
· different operating speeds of mixing tools
· convincing mixing results with even small batches
· maximum degree of reliability

The handling
· dry and machine-friendly doughs: ideal for the make-up process
· easily movable stainless steel bowl carriage for effortless handing
· guaranteed bowl location by means of the DIOSNA bowl clamping system

Description of the DSP 240 A - DSP 400 A

Unlike comparable mixers from other manufacturers, the DIOSNA Premium series with its sanitary paint free finish achieves best results without superfluos elements unlinke cylinders or bars. The best mixing results are possible on all doughs including demanding wheatmeal and wholemeal.
The design of the mixers keeps the dough temperature to a minimum, and dry and machine friendly doughs can be proceeded at up to 3500 kgs per hour.