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Spiral Mixer SK 160 AK - SK 240 AK

Automatic bowl tension and fully automatic operation

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The Spiral Mixer SK 160 AK - SK 240 AK at a glance

· The spiral kneading arm homogeneously kneads and fully aerates the dough from top to bottom.
· Maximum kneading effect by precisely matched bowl and tool speeds.
· Unequalled baking volume at high dough yields. Processing of rye, wheat and sweet doughs, all special doughs for noodles, rusk, gingerbread, marzipan, etc. Rye doughs are intensively but carefully kneaded through to yield a uniform baking result.
· Three powerful 400 V three-phase motors for kneading arm, bowl and machine head.
· Two electrical timers or a computer to control the sequence of operations.
· Optionally with two forward and reverse speeds.
· Simple operation by automatic bowl tension.
· Automatic sequence of operations by pressing a button.
· Automatic bowl discharge.
· Every operation within the overall sequence of operations can be interrupted with the master controller.

Description of the Spiral Mixer SK 160 AK - SK 240 AK

BOKU can always provide the right high-speed spiral kneader for the most varying applications. For years the machines have stood the test under most demanding conditions.