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Wendel Mixer LW 130 - LW 560

I-Line Wendel Mixers are horizontal mixers with universal applications

Abbildung DIOSNA

The Wendel Mixer LW 130 - LW 560 at a glance

· dust-free batching of the ingredients into the mixing chamber
· mixing intensity adjustable to meet requirements (e.g. Chorleywood Bread Process)
· mixing process control by either time, energy or temperatur
· automated dough discharge and conveying
· control sequence can be connected to a central process control computer
· rubustly designed and manufactured for industrial application; offers the highest level of operational reliability
· compact design; minimum space requirements
· all parts in contact with the product are made from stainless steel
· special corrosion protection of the complete plant
· unique, high performance efficient mixing action achieves consistent top quality mixing results.

Description of the Wendel Mixer LW 130 - LW 560

Delicate wheat flour doughs as well as sensitive fruit doughs, puff pastes, rye wheat flour doughs, wholemeal doughs etc. can all be homogeneaously mixed without making compromises.
Doughs with a high fat content and biscuit/cookie doughs of any type can be mixed perfectly. The DIOSNA mixing Plant, incorporating the In-Line Wendel Mixer, offers the advantage of fully automated dough production for a complete range of bakery goods.