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Bottom Discharge DSP 300 E - DSP 400 E

Efficency and short mixing time

Abbildung DIOSNA

The Bottom Discharge DSP 300 E - DSP 400 E at a glance

· smooth surfaces and paint free finish for easy washdown
· floor clearance for an optimum of sanitation according to HACCP
· maintenance-free
· automatic mixing process including batching, intensive mixing and discharging
· quick and effective dough distribution in stainless steel bowl carriages or via conveyour belts
· facilitates working conditions, especially when producing large quantities without recipe change
· fast cycle times: up to 6.400 kgs dough per hour
· dry and machine-friendly doughs: ideal for the make-up process

Description of the Bottom Discharge DSP 300 E - DSP 400 E

The new Premium DSP 300 E with automatic dough discharge completes the powerful programm of DIOSNA stainless Steel Mixers - and brings along a lot of advantages, Efficency and a short mixing time make the Premium DSP 300 E especially suitable for high hourly outputs in large and industrial bakeries. Up to 40 different recipes are programmable.