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Bottom Discharge SP 160 E

Compactely engineered

Abbildung DIOSNA

The Bottom Discharge SP 160 E at a glance

· Automated dough preparation
· Easy recipe change
· Dust free loading and mixing
· Short mixing times
· Automatic dough discharge and dough transport
· When dough rest is not required mixing process is fully automatic
· Dough rest possible by operation of several stainless steel trolleys
· Compatible with other machines
· All machinery parts in contact with dough made from stainless steel, including lifting tipper
· Simple to clean

Description of the Bottom Discharge SP 160 E

Starting with internal loading via intensive mixing to complete dough discharge: everything is automatic. This means that this mixing system offers the optimum solution in the smallest space.

Hygienic stainless steel trolleys transport the dough automatically after discharge to the divider/hopper. By using several stainless trolleys itis possible to varythe dough resting periods.

While the stainless steel trolley is being emptied, the mixer starts a new cycle.