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Carousel principle

The right solution in practical operation

Abbildung DIOSNA

The Carousel principle at a glance

· precise dosage of all ingredients
· fast change from one recipe to another
· dust-free feeding of the bowls
· intensive mixing in a short cycle time at the highest efficiency - DIOSNA Wendel mixing
· mixing process controlled by either time, energy input or temperature
· fermentation time determinable to a certain extent
· longer fermentation times can be achieved by having a greater number of bowls in the system
· perfect discharge of mixed product from the bowls by means of the DIOSNA Scraping Device
· automated working sequence is provided by the compatibility with central production processors
· perfect working reliability and consistency of mixing
· robustly designed and manufactured for industrial application offers the highest level of operational reliability

Description of the Carousel principle

DIOSNA advantages: convincing arguments for the right solution in practical operation.

Ingredients in paste form can be fed directly into the bowl which is put onto load beams.
Aternatively, powdered ingredients as well as liquids can be measured gravimetrically and fed automatically.