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Continuous, systematic dough-production

Abbildung DIOSNA

The ContinoMIXX1 at a glance

· Made of top-quality stainless steel -> DIOSNA machines are designed to be easy to clean
· Streamlined, compact layout -> less space required
· Fully-automatic, continuous process -> reduces labour costs
· Fully-enclosed system -> dust-free production, very quiet in operation
· Ready for use from square one -> no need to make test batches of dough - begin production immediately after start-up
· Wide range of operating capacities -> dough quantities from 250 kg/h to 10,000 kg/h
· Efficient mixing and kneading -> minimised energy consumption
· Double cooling shell -> reduced dough temperature
· Temperature controlled by means of water supply -> simple to operate during production
· Fully-compatible, asymmetric mixing and kneading attachments -> defined feed pressure towards production line
· High level of operating efficiency -> defined kneading performance
· Close tolerances between tool and feed hopper -> waste-free emptying of remains, homogeneous dough quality
· Dough is warmed less -> reduced or no cooling-energy requirement
· Highly-efficient kneading -> remains of dough from previous batches can be added without problem

Description of the ContinoMIXX1

The continoMIXX1, a top-quality machine made exclusively of stainless steel, combines homogeneous mixing with efficient kneading.
Specially-developed for use with high-quality wheat-based and mixed dough, continoMIXX1 mixes the raw materials directly into finished dough.
Application of the “first in – first out” principle ensures that production quality remains absolutely constant. The composition of the raw material is kept stable and homogeneous throughout the production process.

A further plus: as an alternative to the twin-screw mixing machine, the High Pressure Pre-Mixer1 system is also fully compatible with continoMIXX1.

Twin-screw mixing machine
The raw materials are fed into the twin-screw mixing machine and mixed as part of a simultaneous and continuous process. The special geometry of the screw elements produces a particularly smooth mix. The system is fully-enclosed both to prevent impurities from getting in and the product from leaking out. Further operating safety is provided by the limit switch-controlled safety guards. Dough temperature is controlled simply by regulating the heat of the water supply. The optional AquaDuoCasing temperature control system is also available for this purpose. The temperature of the dough is controlled, for example, by regulating the water that circulates inside the double cooling shell.

A continuous belt-conveyor system carries the pre-mixed dough to the twin-screw kneading machine. Remains of dough from previous batches can be added via the conveyor belt without problem.

Twin-screw kneading machine
The highly-efficient kneading and continuous conveying of the dough likewise takes place simultaneously. The smoothly-running, asymmetric kneading elements operate along the entire feed length to create a controllable and intense dough-kneading process. The enclosed design of the mixing machine and kneader ensures the correct conditioning and gas-control of the mixing and kneading areas.

¹Used under license of Dr Bernhard Noll and ahk Service & Solutions GmbH, Schwaigern