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Dough Rest

Highest flexibility at utmost operating safety

Abbildung DIOSNA

The Dough Rest at a glance

· automated dough preparation from infeed to intense kneading to discharge
· may be combined with distractable with all extendable DIOSNA kneaders
· Individual process sequences, with or without dough resting periods
· different kneader types within the same system
· Various mixer types in the same system
· individual process design
· realisation of installation for dough direction in multiple steps
· Fast recipe change
· use of standard deployment carts up to specifically designed containers
· dough resting times from a few cycles up to 4 hours can be effortlessly realised
· concurrent processing of different recipes with different dough resting times
· high flexibllity of dough resting times by adding and removing of single dough resting lines
· complete container discharge by use of lifting tipper with excoriation equipment
· supporting construction made of stainless steel

Description of the Dough Rest

Highest flexibility at utmost operating safety – the DIOSNA dough resting system leaves nothing to be desired in automated dough preparation.
Any dough direction can be effortlessly realised. The ideal complement to the proven DIOSNA kneading systems – of course made of stainless steel.