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Laboratory mixing plant

Laboratory mixing plant with group control

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The Laboratory mixing plant at a glance

· If used for laboratory purposes, this system is suitable for quality analysis of raw materials as well as for comparative tests (e. g. different flour types) for quality determination and product development. The ascertained process parameters are transferable to practical production conditions being an important advantage to standardized laboratory methods with results which are only conditionally applicable in praxis.
· The use of this system for production purposes is more and more approved. By means of this mixing system a computer-assisted control, process control and thus the maintaining of quality becomes possible. As this plant is constructed in modular design, the system can be extended by additional units (machines, software, hardware).

Description of the Laboratory mixing plant

When connecting machines with sophisticated automation technology, flexible, easy and secure controllable systems have been developped.

By linking laboratory or production mixers with subsequent data acquisition, data processing, control, data visualizing and data storage, a quick and uninterrupted process control is guaranteed.