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Linear Transport System

Safe transport of the mixing bowls

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The Linear Transport System at a glance

· Automatic dough preparation freom feeding the ingredients through intensive mixing and onto discharging
· Rotation bowl change system
· Individual process sequences, with or without dough resting periods
· Automatic bowl change
· Various mixer types in the same system
· Rated for up to 16 batches per hour
· Fast dough sequences, up to 6400 kg dough per hour
· Fast recipe change
· Different dough resting periods in the same system
· Scraper device to empty the bowls without leaving any residues

Description of the Linear Transport System

The special feature of the Linear Transport System is the overhead guide rail, which provides maximum floor clearance and optimum cleaning possibilities. The mixing bowls appear to hover over the floor as they are carried to the individual stations, where they are then presented at normal floor height, to standard micers and high tips, allowing manual intervention at any time.