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CIP-Filter at a glance

· Patented CIP filter cleaning concept
· Intensive filter cleaning in the closed plant from the inside and outside
· Maximum safety against product diversion
· Excellent inspection possibilities

Description of the CIP-Filter

Contamination-free cleaning of the closed plant for safe handling of active substances.
To protect personnel and environment.

CIP-Filter for fluid bed plants
The safe and efficient cleaning of a production plant is of special importance in the pharmaceutical industry regarding quality and operating efficiency. The necessary avoidance of any cross contamination results in different cleaning concepts with manual, semi-automatic (WIP) or fully automatic (CIP) cleaning concepts. The requirements of every concept are defined and individually realized according to the requests of the customer and the requirements of the product.

Contamination-free cleaning of fluid bed plants
With the patented filter cleaning DIOSNA has developed a cleaning concept which allows intensive filter cleaning without their dismantling. Stainless steel cartridge filters are used which rotate and move up and down during cleaning. Cleaning from the outside is effected by vertically moveable filter cleaning nozzles and from the inside through a spraying element arranged in the filter bottom. The great advantage of this concept is the complete cleaning of the filters inside the filter housing of the plant without the need of using a separate cleaning chamber. Any product diversion is avoided. Although dismantling of the filters during cleaning is not necessary, it is easily and ergonomically possible from the GMP area. The compact design ensures for low space requirements for the realization of the concept. The DIOSNA CIP product filter concept allows a fully automatic, reproducible cleaning process without manual expenditure. This pays off especially for big plants with numerous cartridge filters. With the DIOSNA CIP product filter system the automatic, contamination-free plant cleaning and the safe handling of active substances become true.