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Never being satisfied by the state-of-art

Quality, Experience and Innovation

DIOSNA’s company goal has not changed in 125 years. Our aim is to develop technologies which give our customers significant benefits. Not being content with what we’ve got is one of our most important motivations. That was what they believed a few years after the founding when the “company for agricultural and domestic machines” as it was then known celebrated its first international success: the first automatic kneading machine for the baking industry, a milestone in the industrial production of bread and confectionery.

And that’s what our customers still feel today, many patents later.

DIOSNA is geared as a company to supply the international bakery and food industries as well as the pharmaceutical and chemical industries with highly developed production and laboratory plants and equipment.

The break through in the pharmaceutical industry was achieved in 1965 with the manufacture of the first mixer-granulator type P. This new machine type made the name of DIOSNA become a synonym for robustness, reliability and long-life.

In March 1994 DIOSNA took over the complete program of bakery machines from the company OASE Pumpen Wübker Söhne GmbH & Co. Thus not only the DIOSNA product range was extended but also DIOSNA’s position as market leader on the German market was ensured.

An extension of the product range for the pharmaceutical industry was made in 1995 by building the first mixer-granulator with gasstripping vacuum drying VAC 600 (single-pot plant).

In 1996 DIOSNA developed and built the first fluid bed processor. The possibility to offer fluid bed processors as well as complete granulation lines was an important step in direction of becoming system supplier for our customers. The next consequential step followed: in 200 DIOSNA purchased the patents for a new and very promising development to coat tablet cores. The Vertical Centrifugal Coater is a coating system which allows shortest process times and highest possible uniformity which are not reached by any other system.

A further important step in the development of the company is the entry into the Multimixing Group. Next to DIOSNA the French manufacturer VMI belongs to this group. The new combination which disposes of its own production sites in Germany, Czechia, France and Italy is the foundation stone for the extension of the market leading position on the accreting European market. The single companies are managed independently and keep their distinctive profile.

Another step to consolidate the market leading position of DIOSNA in Germany was the take-over of the program of bakers machines from the company BOKU Maschinenfabrik GmbH late in December 2001 which means a further completion of the DIOSNA product range.

In June 2004 DIOSNA moved the the new site Am Tie 23 in Osnabrück-Lüstringen and celebrated the inauguration with more than 200 guests. Everyone shared our happiness about the considerably improved working and production conditions. The speakers appreciated the soundly worked out success of the company and the consequent orientation to the future for which the edificial conditions have been provided now.

Beside the DIOSNA kneaders for the bakery trade we produce kneading plants for industrial bakery enterprises, lifting and discharging stations as well as kneaders and mixers for canteen kitchens, butchers and further food producing companies.

For the chemical, pharmaceutical and plastics processing industries we produce universal and spezial mixers, granulators, dryers (VAC), vacuum dryers for single-pot processing, fluid bed batch processing plants, coating plants, mixing and processing plants.

Today we present ourselves as a system provider capable of offering its customers complete process solutions, from individual plant planning through to state-of-the-art qualification. And many times we have been successful with the introduction of innovations which have changed the market in the same way as the first kneading machine all those years ago.

Get to know us: our concepts, our plants, our service.