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Blender for salad and meat

The right mixer for every demand

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Blender for salad and meat at a glance

· Fully automatic sequence of operations.
· Mobile bowl car.
· Stainless-steel bowl.
· 3 sturdy 380 V three-phase motors for the kneading arm, bowl and machine head.
· Computer control system or 2 timers for mixing and high-speed operations.

Description of the Blender for salad and meat

Thanks to the excellent BOKU technology and the permanent development efforts it has been possible to devise exemplary solutions. New processing technologies are natural complementary effects.

The spiral kneading arm inside the rotating bowl offers outstanding benefits. A 2 to 240 kg mass is carefully mixed and ready for further processing in 2 to max. 10 minutes, regardless if it is a mincemeat, a coarse or fine sausage, a dumpling dough, a Maultaschen filling, raw vegetables, salads or similar. Nothing is squeezed or unnecessarily heated. Everything remains deliciously fresh!

The operation of the machines and charging of the bowls is indeed extremely simple. You can choose between mobile, retractable and fully automatic BOKU spiral mixing machines which can optionally be supplied with standard, computer or automatic timer control systems. Everything devised to warrant a simple and rational operation. The spiral is made of stainless steel and is equipped with catch dogs especially devised for mixing processes. The bowl, too, is made of stainless steel and can be furnished with an optional outlet (28 mm screw plug). BOKU spiral mixing machines are designed for a long service life. The gears for example are hardened, ground, lapped and are running in an oil/grease bath requiring practically no maintenance. This also warrants a smooth running behaviour.