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Fluid Bed Processor MIDI-LAB

Multi-purpose units for the laboratory

Abbildung DIOSNA

Fluid Bed Processor MIDI-LAB at a glance

· MINI-LAB for quick product and process development on a small scale
· MIDI-LAB for higher performance and bigger product batches
· 3 exchange bowls 7l / 10l / 13l
· glass or stainless steel bowls
· Top- or Bottom-Spray-processes
· plug and play: simple to operate, easy to clean

Description of the Fluid Bed Processor MIDI-LAB

DIOSNA fluid bed plants are used successfully worldwide.

The laboratory plants MIDI-LAB were developed especially for R&D purposes. Drying, spray or melt granulation, spray cooling, powder coating, pellet coating, Wurster processing or instantising: a wide range of applications can be realised on laboratory scale.

Just as in the big DIOSNA fluid bed plants, the tangentially designed distributor plate cares for homogeneous product movement – even fine particles are kept in the fluid bed.

The pulsation-free, heatable spraying nozzle cares for a convincing granule quality.