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The development partnership begins in the Laboratory

Plants and techniques in the DIOSNA Laboratory:

· Mixer/Granulator: Powder mixing, wet granulation
· Vacuum dryer: Wet granulation, gas-stripping vacuum drying
· Fluid bed plants: Drying, granulation (Top-Spray), coating (Top-Spray, Bottom-Spray/Wurster)
· Vertical Centrifugal Coater: Film coating of tablets
· Sieving mill: Grinding and calibration
· Product evaluation: Determination of particle size and bulk density, moisture measurement, microscopic evaluation

With the DIOSNA Laboratory we have created a facility for use by customers and academic institutions. This we believe is the essence of a development partnership. New techniques from DIOSNA can be tested for incorporation into production processes.

The DIOSNA Laboratory is designed to meet the high requirements of research and development in the pharmaceutical industry and provides a valuable pilot scale for process developments. All of the DIOSNA range of equipment are available including the VCC. Product evaluation also takes place on site, the trial results can be extrapolated to production scale processing.

Would you like to test our machines in our laboratory? If so, please feel free to arrange a demonstration date with us.

Please apply here:
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