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Granulationline CCS 150 - 1300: Mixing, Granulating and Drying in Combination Granulationline CGS: Compact efficiency for the production of tablet granules.
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Mixer-Dryer-Granulating Line

Mixing, Granulating and Drying in Combination

Granulators and fluid bed dryers from DIOSNA are mostly delivered as complete, closed granulation lines today. They consist of mixer-granulators and fluid bed dryers. DIOSNA granulation lines are known for their compact design and high reliability. In addition to the classic mixer granulation developed by DIOSNA also a fluid bed granulation (top spray and tangential spray) can be carried out.

Granulationline CCS 150 - 1300

Mixing, Granulating and Drying in Combination

Granulationline CGS

Compact efficiency for the production of tablet granules.

The granulation line CCS 150 – 1300 combines the core elements of a modern solid dosage production plant. This system consists of a mixer-granulator and a fluid bed dryer. Both are interconnected in an optimal way but in spite of this they keep their independence and flexibility. Advantages of the combination of mixer-granulator and fluid bed dryer are among others the efficiency, the safety and the „through the wall concept“. The wide component range provides for an easy handling and product processing.
The Granulation Line CGS is featured with high ease of use and excellent accessibility. The DIOSNA Compact Granulation System CGS combines the process steps of a mixer-granulator, fluid bed dryer and if required also the stearate addition and final mixture in a compact unit. As everything is focussed in one system, plant-, project- and operating costs are reduced. This system consisting of mixer-granulator and dryer does not only speed up the product transfer but it also minimises the required GMP space. Process safety and excellent containment are further advantages of this system.
At DIOSNA you receive all plants from one source: mixer-granulators, fluid bed dryers and coaters. DIOSNA offers an individual program from the competent consulting to the process development, planning and turn-key delivery.