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Mixer Granulator P/VAC 10 - 60

Mixing, granulating and vacuum drying in pilot plant

Abbildung DIOSNA

Mixer Granulator P/VAC 10 - 60 at a glance

· Mixer-Granulator P 10 - 60 with different interchangeable bowls
(10 l, 25 l, 60 l), gasstripping Vacuum Dryer (20 and 50 litres)
in one machine
· Identical basis (with drives, outlet and shaft seals)
· VAC-design basically with an industrial PC

Description of the Mixer Granulator P/VAC 10 - 60

The DIOSNA Laboratory Processor P/VAC 10 - 60 is designed as flexible laboratory machine. Mixing/granulating bowls of 10, 25 and 60 l or vacuum dryer bowls of 20 and 50 l can be installed. When changing the bowls the outlet, the chopper with the seal and the mixer shaft seal are left at the machine basis. The bowl with the lid and the mixing and chopper tools are exchanged.

The bowl and tool design corresponds to those of the bigger production types. The vacuum dryer bowls are cylindrical and equipped with gasstripping nozzles. One of the mixing blades is provided with a scraper to avoid deposits at the bowl wall; this is the same design as of the production machines. Thus scale-up is possible without problems. The machine is installed in guiding wheels or stationary in front of a wall to a technical zone. The stationary installation is recommendable for vacuum drying.

A P/VAC designed as mixer/granulator can be retrofitted as vacuum dryer at any time. If possible, the control with industrial PC should be chosen from the beginning.

A lifting device is available for the easy bowl change at site.