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Single Pot Processor VAC 150 - 2000

Mixing, granulating and vacuum drying in pilot scale

Abbildung DIOSNA

Single Pot Processor VAC 150 - 2000 at a glance

· Efficient mixing, granulating and vaccum drying in a closed system
· Through-the-wall-installation with auto-lift lid
· Large gasstripping bottom nozzles for fine gas distribution
· DIOSNA Toollift for easy cleaning and simple inspection
· Automated cleaning

Description of the Single Pot Processor VAC 150 - 2000

The DIOSNA-VAC Series is designed for mixing, granulating and vacuum drying of pharmaceutical products in a closed system.

The mixing bowl is cylindrical with two heating zones and isolation. The hinged lid is actuated automatically and it is heated to avoid condensation. The bowl bottom is equipped with gasstripping nozzles of Sinter metal which care for very fine and gentle distribution of the gas. The nozzles are suitable for WIP and can be lifted pneumatically for inspection. One blade of the mixing tool is equipped with a wall scraper which removes deposits without touching the wall. This way sensitive or strongly adhesive products can be dried in a very short time. Opposite to the usual mixer/granulators the chopper of the VAC series is installed from above (otherwise it would collide with the scraper).

The machine is designed consequently for WIP/CIP cleaning. Operation of the fully automatic plant control is done via an industrial PC.

The vacuum unit, the heating/cooling system, the switch cabinets, the WIP unit etc. are installed in a technical zone which should be placed directly behind the machine. The VAC is accessible from the technical zone.