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You are in search of innovative automation technology for your production? Our AGV solutions are the answer! The term AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) describes a driverless, floor-bound transport vehicle. Equipped with state-of-the-art navigation systems, AGVs transport raw materials and products with precision and efficiency within defined workflows.

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Innovative dough production with automated transport systems

AGV concepts offer numerous advantages for your production! In addition, you benefit from our DIOSNA system integration.

  • Efficient: AGVs operate continuous and autonomous
  • Flexible: Solutions with low and high lift function
  • Innovative: Cost-efficient, optimised room concepts
  • Functional: Seamless integration into existing systems
  • Adaptive: Retrofit and capacity upgrades optional
  • Safe: Equipped with cutting-edge security features
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Reimagined <b>room concept</b>

Reimagined room concept

The use of AGVs enables efficient, flexible room concepts. We support you in planning a need-oriented integrated solution as well as a smooth system integration. After successful commissioning, we will certainly be at your side with our after-sales service. 

  • Analysis & conception: Detailed process analysis as concept basis
  • Consulting & Planning: Development of a comprehensive simulation
  • Project planning & implementation: Targeted process integration avoiding long downtimes 
  • After-sales service: Wide range of services for trouble-free process flows
How would you <b>like it then?</b>

How would you like it then?

Flexibility all along the line - We can provide you with AGVs with low-lift or high-lift functions. This is based entirely on the individual conditions of your production in order to design a demand-oriented and well thought-out comprehensive solution.

Free <b>whitepaper download</b>

Free whitepaper download

Download our whitepaper about innovative dough production with AGVs - packed with expert knowledge and bring your production to a new level.

Learn more about:

  • Proven AGV technology for innovative concepts
  • Room concepts from a new perspective
  • Cleaning and repair: no downtimes
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