ISERNHÄGER pioneers device controlled pre- and sourdough technology along with an extensive know-how of the fermentation process. With our high-quality equipment in combination with our StartGut® cultures, we guarantee a reliable and customized fermentation process. As a big plus for our customers we determine dough properties such as flavor, consistency, mixing behavior and temperature to create the best solution for your bakeries products.

It is our aim that more and more consumers worldwide eat delicious and natural baked goods. Bread-making is an art and naturalness is its secret. The use of fresh pre- and sourdoughs gives you the chance to create clean label products.

Core technologies
  • Bread fermentation process
  • Rye sourdoughs (single stage and multi stage processes)
  • Wheat sourdoughs with an aroma range from mild to fruity and aromatic
  • Yeast predoughs 
  • AromaStück and scalding dough/hot soaker for a long lasting freshness to a delicate bite
This process can be combined to create a unique taste experience! Unique features that enable market leaders to strive for high, secure quality.