Bakery machinery - Quality since 1885

Results of superior quality for efficient progress - with the bakery machines made by DIOSNA, you get the maximum from your operation. The wide product portfolio ranges from compact systems for small-scale solutions to fully automatic plants for the large-scale enterprise and comprises all plants that allow an uncomplicated as well as economical flow of operations. For more than 135 years the enterprise located in Osnabrück has been producing distinguished machines. While the focus was first on plants in the fields of agriculture and household machinery, today the enterprise funnels its attention on the segments of food and pharmaceutical industry. With experience and pioneering spirit DIOSNA encourages the continuous further development of its products to invest in suitable and innovative projects for the future.

Versatile bakery machinery of the highest grade

Investments in high-grade bakery equipment will pay off every day. While our starter dough and sourdough plants are the basis for the production of best quality dough , versatile dough kneaders provide for optimum processing - regardless of the type of dough. With the bakery machinery „Made by DIOSNA“, e.g. Mxer and Elevator Tippers, as well special solutions for processing of bread leftovers and an individual automation technology, our product range includes further plants and processes that act together to ensure your company can always deliver your optimum product. As DoughExperts we are additionally offering a range of cultures that give your dough optimum characteristics, consistency and the desired flavour. Discover the variety and applicability of our bakery equipment below.

The Pre-Dough System as elementary dough machine

Starter dough and sourdough count to the most important components of a modern bakery. The solutions provided by DIOSNA are divided in standards plants and fully-automatic pre-dough systems. The range of high-grade standard plants is wide. While the wheat plant Ecoline is suitable for the production of 200 to 1000 kg yeast starter dough, sourdough of wheat and spelt, the Compactline has capacities for 200 to 500 kg. In the same way, rye plants with nearly the same characteristics can be chosen, whereby the offer is completed by the aroma plant Ecoline, special storage containers, as well as the bread fermentation plant Ecoline.
The advantages of the fully-automatic bread systems are the optimised process control for, on the one hand, ensuring constant starter dough quality and on the other hand, a selection of flexible configurations. You decide on the fermentation times and the agitation intervals that allow the manufacture of many different types of starter dough.

DIOSNA mixing Systems - our versatile all-rounders

No matter whether it has to do with Spiral, Wendel or L-shaped Mixers the machines made by DIOSNA feature easy handling, effective use and durability. The individuality of our solutions becomes obvious through the example of the Spiral Mixer. From the small table-top mixer SP 12 with a dough capacity of up to 12 kg to the bread mixer with bowl trolley for up to 240 kg, all plantshave outstanding mixing characteristics, powerful drive and universal applicability for all types of dough. While the Spiral Mixers are highly suitable for small and large operations, the focus of our Wendel Mixers is on the high-performance application. With the Premium Wendel Mixer you receive a mixing machine that has a capacity up to 400 kg of dough. Our L-Shaped Mixer, however, provides the most artisanal kind of kneading - indestructible and ideally suitable for doughs of grist, rye and mixed wheat and rye, the kneader processes quantities from 200 to 240 kg of dough and therefore, it is suitable for the application in large-scale companies.
Easy cleaning, outstanding kneading intensity and practical freedom from maintenance are further advantages of each individual DIOSNA system to be mentioned - it is your decision which dough mixer matches your operation best.

Bakery machinery for returned dough & leftover bread processing

Sustainability and economic efficiency are in the foreground for the development of our whole range of bakery equipment, especially the plants for leftover bread processing . The Fermentation Plant Ecoline is capable of processing 200 to 1000 kg produces a delicious sourdough within 42 hours of maturing time. For the production of a homogeneous bread mixture that can be added to the dough without any soaking, use the versatile Bread Mixer Ecoline. It has a capacity of 375 kg of bread mixture.
Furthermore, we have solutions for the liquefying of the returned dough available. For returning the scrap dough, DIOSNA offer two efficient production lines for the processing of returned dough and leftover bread. So, slurrying of returned dough including cooling and storage provide for a quantity-controlled return. Besides technological advantages, the fermentation of the dough returns also considers aspects of flavour. Even fine doughs with more than 50 percent of grease can be fermented and returned.

Automated bakery machinery in the large-scale production

As a responsible person in a company or a baker's specialist shop you know that, on stressful days, every minute counts in the production process. When the standard Bread Mixer or other plants do not meet your expectations anymore, it is time to look at DIOSNA Automation Technology. With our Automated Mixing Systems the whole production process is combined with a complete industrialisation of the company - this means extensive monitoring, quality assurance and support with documentation. We have gathered long-term experience in the automatization of all common types of dough and will support you in person with the implementation of the systems.
Not only small and large-scale operations but also research institutes rely on our expertise and we are offering special laboratory equipment for starter and dough production. In this way, you will find optimum and directly usable automated solutions for dough production.

The Dough Experts: Obtain the best taste adventure

The production of professional bread plants is not the only top priority of our work. As Dough Experts we will show you how to produce the perfect dough with your system. For this purpose, DIOSNA is offering a wide range of cultures which ensures that the characteristics of each type of dough exactly meet your requirements. While the culture „Wheat Classic“ provides for a mild to strong taste adventure with optimum consistency, with the „Rye Sour" your bread will become moist and aromatic. A further solution is the "Aroma Piece", our thermally produced starter dough. Due to the formation of maltose, it has a natural sweetness and offers the possibility to implement a number of aroma pre-steps.
Do you want to get to know further solutions for fermentation processes of our product portfolio? Click on DIOSTART, to learn more about our solutions in organic-quality. Besides outstanding baking characteristics, the cultures provide for a very good crust formation and homogeneous formation of pores, otherwise, however, they increase the shelf life, improve conservation and prevent the formation of mould.

Quality assurance - optimum utilization of your bakery machinery

Do you use our bakery machines and want to get tested the quality of your products? From the sour dough to the final product, DIOSNA is offering you reliable inspections, to achieve the best results to satisfy your customers. Send your sourdough samples to our international company laboratory at the location in Isernhager and we will immediately send you back the analysis with correction hints. With the inspection of the finished bread, our trained DLG-experts will be happy to help you further.  Appearance, structure, conservation and flavour of the bread are tested thoroughly, so that the future results can be improved.
Dough kneading machines, bakery machinery and automated systems for your bakery equipment are only some of our solutions. If you are interested in our DIOSNA products, please contact us today.  We would be pleased to be at your disposal for questions, wishes or concerns. Our friendly employees will advise you professionally and competently.