Starter cultures - obtain consistenly high dough quality

Repeatable fermentation processes with exact acidity levels and calculated maturing time; with the starter cultures made by DIOSNA nothing will be left chance so you will always obtain the best possible quality. Our wide range of products allows for a reliable dough processing under the desired conditions, so that each dough mass has high-grade characteristics. As Dough Experts, we can deliver all equipment for professional dough production, from the preparation through mixing to the DIOStart Biotechnology. Learn more about our outstanding starter cultures here.

Why Starter Cultures are so important

All fermentation processes are based on the function of microorganisms. They split milk components, ferment sugar and convert it into sour dough acid. The sequence of these processes is decisive for all important characteristics of the later dough, from taste to consistency. A decisive characteristic of the microorganisms is their competition with the microflora of the raw materials - e.g. the components of flour act against the necessary, quasi "good" organisms for maturity. As soon as the microflora of the raw materials decides on a fermentation process, a constant and plannable product quality is virtually impossible.
Our starter cultures are lactic acid bacteria that play a decisive role for maturation and dough condition. By using our products you have decided upon a reliable quality of all types of starter dough and sourdough to deliver a first-class final product to your customers.

Best wheat dough with DIOStart wheat starter cultures

DIOStart is the name of our pure cultures of bio-quality that provide for optimum characteristics of your dough. Because wheat is of enormous importance in the bakery operation, our offer comprises several products specialised on this dough. With DIOStart wheat classic you achieve fast acidulation and also a good gas development, from which a homogenous and delicious sourdough is generated. Depending on the programming of the dough processing, the cultures develop a mild and gas-active or pungent-aromatic taste, whereby, in each case, a strong reduction of yeast addition is possible. While DIOStart wheat classic provides for rather stable dough, the DIOStart wheat soft cultures are ideally suitable for the production of soft pastries.
For the improvement of porosity and for longer durability we recommend DIOStart wheat fruit. The cultures provide for aromatic-fruity taste and are especially active with salt-reduced types of bread. Furthermore, the different cultures themselves ensure, also with strong processing, for a porous sourdough. The culture called DIOStart wheat strong provides for a special aroma when taste-intensive wheat pastries shall be produced.

DIOStart products for ideal maturity

Certainly, with the DIOStart cultures, we not only create the appropriate preconditions for successful wheat doughs, but also for doughs of spelt and rye. DIOStart spelt is used for spelt dough, which results in an aromatic-mild to pungent bread taste, depending on its processing. Due to the high gas activity, with the respective adaptation, a completely yeast-free process will be possible. DIOStart rye delivers the same advantages for a strong taste of rye breads that allows from "Tagessauer" through "Schaumsauer" up to "Berliner Kurzsauer" all types of processing. The DIOStart rye bread fermentation cultures are specialised for the use of scrap bread in the sour dough. Benefit from aromatic results with the simultaneous reprocessing of scrap bread.

Aromatic taste adventures with lactic acid bacteria

May it be mild, sour or sweet? With DIOSNA starter cultures you decide about the taste of your baked goods. For a mild taste the DoughExperts are offering two solutions: Starter dough of wheat or sourdough of wheat and spelt. Test the wheat sourdough on the basis of the "wheat classic" culture, to obtain an incomparably aromatic taste. Combine starter dough and sourdough of wheat and obtain a stable result with soft crumb.
Our "Roggensauer", a strong "Weizensauer" and the delicious results of bread fermentation, however, provide for a moist-aromatic result. May it be a sweet pastry aroma? Then, we recommend the thermally produced pre-dough "Aromastück". The formation of maltose and a versatile application provide for an exceptional bread taste, depending on the selection of raw materials. This advantage is an outstanding supplement to our culture DIOStart Aroma, with which you give your final products a wide variety of taste and thanks to omitting grease and sugar, production costs will be saved.

The advantages of our starter cultures

The focus of our starter cultures is not only the achievement of the desired taste adventure, but also the realization of numerous advantageous characteristics. The starter cultures enable the extension of the minimum durability date, reduces the number of bread improvers and ensures that it is kept fresh with simultaneous inhibition of mould formation. In this way, you decrease the pH-value of rye sourdough using the DIOStart rye, while simultaneously baking is possible with the addition of yeast.
Moreover, the advantages of the use of our DIOStart cultures are the formation of crusts, the pore structures and increasing volume in the preparation and production sequences. So, the bread which has been produced, for instance, from the mild wheat sourdough Bologna using the wheat classic culture, includes strengthened gluten, improved cut-resistance and homogeneous pores.

DIOSNA Pre-Dough Systems for perfect results

For more than 135 years, our company has been specialising in the construction of professional machines and plants. Therefore, not only deliver first-class starter cultures but also the best-possible systems for the preparation of your doughs. Pre-dough and sourdough systems made by DIOSNA feature special quality, easy operability and economic mode of working – an ideal precondition for application of our DIOStart cultures. You have the choice between diverse standard plants and fully-automatic pre-dough systems, which ensures the perfect adaptation to the company size.


Are you interested in our DIOSNA starter cultures? The Dough Experts will be happy to advise you personally!

If you are interested in our starter cultures or machines, we would be happy about your inquiry. We would like to present the pre-dough production personally - please visit us in our pilot plant in Isernhagen. Here, our pre-dough systems are waiting for you, but also our kneading systems and special plants for thermally processed pre-doughs are there. If you have any questions about our products or the optimisation of your production process, certainly, our competent DoughExperts will be pleased to help you further. Do not hesitate to contact us and we make an appointment for your visit.