DIOStart spelt

For safe acidification and good food

DIOStart spelt in certified organic quality (DE-ÖKO-006) ensures a uniform and tasty quality of your sourdough. Especially in the course of the increasing trend to reduce the amount of cooking salt even in bread, spelt sour dough from DIOStart spelt is an excellent choice.

The cultures supply, according to the way you adjust the fermentation, an aromatic-mild to strong bread flavor. Depending on the used fermentation, the spelt sour dough reaches a high gas activity. This significantly reduces the yeast addition. Yeast can even be dispensed entirely if the process is adapted accordingly.

  • Benefits
  • Conduct types
  • Packaging Unit


  • Refined cultures in premium quality
  • Fast acidification, good taste
  • Versatile in usage
  • Available in certified organic quality
  • Delivery directly

Conduct types

  • One Step fermentation
  • Two-stage and three-stage fermentation, also in line with the system
  • With DIOStart® spelt you are flexible and can vary according to type of fermentation:
    • Mild and gas-active
    • Strong-aromatic

Packaging Unit

500 g