Starter cultures

For reproducible, consistently high product quality

Fermentation processes such as pre-doughs and sourdoughs must be reliable and repeatable. Microorganisms do their work - breaking up flour components, fermenting sugars and converting sugars into sour-acid (milk and acetic acid) and loosening gas (CO2).

These microorganisms are in constant competition with the natural microflora of the raw materials, especially in the flour. Should this "foreign" microflora gain control of the pre-leavening or sourdough process, it will become unmanageable. As a result, the calculated ripening times and the desired pH values ​​and acidity levels can no longer be guaranteed.

Stable processes can only be obtained if you are constantly using starter cultures. These are microorganisms, namely lactic acid bacteria and yeast, which have been selected specifically for the respective pre-dough and guarantee reliable fermentation under the set conditions. The DoughExperts offer special crops for all types of sourdough fermentations.

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  • Produced under constant process control
  • Guarantee optimal further processing in the bakeries
  • Available in certified organic quality
  • Delivery directly - without intermediate storage


  • DIOStart® wheat classic
  • DIOStart® wheat fruit
  • DIOStart® wheat soft
  • DIOStart® wheat strong
  • DIOStart® spelt
  • DIOStart® rye
  • DIOStart® rye breadfermentation
  • DIOStart® aroma

Our Know-how

  • Customize the fermentation to your needs
  • Example DIOStart® wheat classic: mild, gas-active fermentation or stronger, aromatic fermentation
  • Optimize the swelling process with AromaStück®
  • DIOStart® wheat classic and AromaStück® - refined combinations for high-aromatic and soft wheat pastries