DIOStart wheat strong

For expressive pastries

DIOStart wheat strong in certified organic quality (DE-ÖKO-006) ensures a uniform and tasty quality of your sourdough.

The aroma of DIOStart wheat strong results in an expressive aroma even with small addition to the dough. Not only in the US, where the San Francisco sourdough is famous, but everywhere, where you love aromatic wheat pastries, this culture is used.

Since even a small proportion of the sourdough from DIOStart refines the dough, San Francisco sourdoughs are often used in combinations with doughs that bind a lot of water. Examples are swelling, brewing, cooking and flavoring pieces. 

  • Benefits
  • Conduct types
  • Packaging Unit


  • Pure cultures in premium quality
  • Strong acidification, rich aroma
  • Advantageously in combination with other precursors, e.g. soaking grains
  • Available in certified organic quality
  • Delivery directly - without intermediate storage

Conduct types

  • Fresh and full-sour: two-stage fermentation
  • Supplement to strongly water-binding pre-stages (cold-soaking, hot-soaking) 

Packaging Unit

750 g