DIOStart wheat soft

For mild-aromatic pastries with a soft crumb

The DIOStart wheat soft ensures a consistent and tasty quality of your sourdough.

The ripe sourdough has a fine yoghurt-like note, which gives your biscuits the special accent. Doughs made with a wheat nut from DIOStart wheat mild are comparable in comparison with e.g. to DIOStart wheat classic rather elastic soft - almost predestined for white bread, where a soft crumb is desired.

The DIOStart wheat soft is especially suitable for the use in long-time-cooled chilled doughs.

  • Advantages
  • Conduct-Types
  • Packaging Unit


  • Pure cultures in premium quality
  • Versatile
  • Suitable for both direct and long-term fermentation
  • Delivery directly - without intermediate storage


  • one-stage fermentation
  • Two-stage fermentation
  • With the DIOStart® wheat soft several types of fermentation are possible:
    • Mild and gas-active
    • mild aromatic

Packaging Unit

500 g