DIOStart Rice

For gluten-free preparation, longer freshness, less ingredients & more flavour

DIOStart rice liquid has been developed for gluten-free applications. Like all sourdough products from the DIOStart series, the gluten-free rice sourdough offers a homogeneous, tasteful and reproducible quality of your sourdough.
Using DIOstart rice liquid results in having many advantages for you and your customers both for health-conscious nutrition and regarding economic aspects.
DIOStart rice liquid enables the reduction of additives and common salt quantity, the extension of freshness and shelf life and developing the full flavour for the special taste experience of your product.
The starter cultures provide different flavours, depending on how you adjust the dough processing. Thus, a strong aromatic bread flavour can be developed or a mild flavour like yogurt in case of soft dough processing.

  • Benefits
  • Types of fermentation
  • Packaging Unit


  • Gluten free preparation
  • Extension of shelf life due to acidification ("natural" protection against mould due to decreasing the pH value)
  • Possible reduction of the kneading time of the dough as the swelling process is finished during the  pre-dough stage
  • Reduction of food additives
  • Improved volume of baked goods possible
  • Longer freshness with softer crumb compared to products without added pre-dough
  • Pure cultures in premium quality
  • Formation of diverse flavour precursors such as alcohols, peptides and non-reducing sugars for a variety of flavours of the baked goods
  • Versatile for non-specific applications, from bread to cake to confectionery
  • Direct delivery - without intermediate storage

Types of fermentation

  • Single-stage fermentation
  • Two-stage fermentation
  • When using DIOStart rice two types of fermentation processes are possible:
    - mild (at 28°C)
    - strong-aromatic (at 32°C) 

Packaging Unit

  • 8 kg