Laboratory plant for dough production

Reliability at the top level

This mixing system is characterized by an optimal comparasion of the mixing process and software for process visualization.

The system consists of a maximum of six spiral mixers, type DIOSNA SP 12, which are coupled together with a programmable logic controller.

The visualization of the mixing processes takes place via a PC, which is equipped with a newly developed software based on a WINDOWS operating system and also supports the familiar subprograms (for example Excel).

To install the mixing machines and housing the control hardware, a mobile lab cabinet is included in the scope of supply and thus results in a compact module.

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  • Raw material analysis for quality determination
  • Recipe analysis to optimize ingredient content
  • Analysis for comparative recipes
  • Product development by comparing different recipe components
  • Optimization of the kneading process through comparative methods
  • Modular design allows any expansion with new components (machines, software, hardware)


  • Mixing process control over time, temperature or energy
  • Temperature sensor PT 100 installed in stainless steel rod
  • Frequency converter for drive motor
  • Programmable logic controller S7
  • Laboratory cabinet
  • PC including Windows operating system

Technical specifications

  • SP 12

SP 12

Performance in dough * kg 12
Power in flour * kg 7,5
Vat contents l 22
Tub diameter mm 370
Dimensions machine
Width mm 402
Depth mm 544
Height mm 735
engine power
Tool drive kW 0,44/0,9
Mixer with tub kg 125
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