Rye and Wheat Fermenter

For 70 kg sour dough

Suitable for all types of sour dough

This triple walled fermenter is flexibly suitable for rye sour dough with a TA ≥ 220 and wheat pre-dough with a TA ≥ 220 with a net content of 70 kg pre-dough per batch.

When processing sponge dough, up to 15 to 20 % yeast saving is possible, when processing pre-dough a reduction of baking agents is possible, leading to reduced mixing times.

The pore formation of crumbs and the cutting of baked goods are improved when using the fermenter.

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  • Movable and plug-in execution
  • For 70 kg sour dough
  • Simple control for variable temperature setting and variable stirring / fermentation times and stirring speed
  • Simple cleaning and maintenance thanks to stainless steel construction
  • Easy removal of stirring tool
  • Reproducable processes with use of DIOStart
  • Homogeneity and reproducability of the sour dough
  • Improvement of dough quality
  • Directed fermentation process
  • Increased shelf-life of the pre-dough (with cold storage)


  • Triple-walled stainless steel fermenter
  • Removable anchor stirring tool with wall scraper)
  • Compact control
  • Right-Left-Running

Technical specifications

  • AF100 Compact HC

AF100 Compact HC

Dimensions machine
Height mm 1255
Width mm 600
Depth mm 975
Filling Height mm 1090
Outlet height mm 300
Motor performance
Electrical Connections 3Ph/N/PE, 400 V~ 50 Hz, CEE-plug 16 A
Motor Power Stirrer unit kW 0,75
Cooling capacity of tempering unit kW 1,12
Total Weight kg 146
Volume Liter 110
Minimum initial charge kg 20
Capacity wheat sour dough per batch kg 70
Capacity rye sour dough per batch kg 70
Maximum Product Temperature °C 45
Minimal Product Temperature °C 8
DIOSNA operates a policy of continuous product improvement and development and reserves the right to make technical changes. The specific contractual agreement is always decisive for the properties, capacities and condition promised for the DIOSNA products. We would be delighted to send you further information on request.


  • Technological coaching
  • DIOStart wheat classic
  • DIOStart wheat strong
  • DIOStart spelt
  • DIOStart rye