Quality assurance sourdough

Laboratory analyzes of your pre-dough

The production of an optimal product begins with the selection of raw materials and the control of the precursors. High-quality baked goods are the result of an optimally fermentated sourdough.

The quality of sourdough depends on factors that require special care. Altered sourdough values ​​often lead to negative changes in bread quality.

However, meaningful analyzes in operation cost time and money. DIOSNA offers a comprehensive service to ensure your sourdough quality.

Quality is the result of constant control and optimization - the DoughExperts will help you.

  • Advantages
  • TitroLine®


  • Your sent sourdough sample is examined within a very short time by using the latest technology
  • You will immediately receive an evaluation by fax or e-mail, with the necessary correction notes:
    • maturation requirements
    • conditions of preparation
    • about the used StartGut®


In-house examinations can be carried out with the TiroLine® analyzer. This is an optimal supplement to the investigations at DIOSNA.

The Titroline allows easy examination of bread and sourdough.