Breadmixer Ecoline

For 375 kg of bread mix

This compact system for bread mix ≥ TA 350, with a bread / water ratio of 1: 2.5, is available with a net content of 560 l corresponding to up to 375 kg.

A special feature of the DOUGHEXPERTS Breadmixing System is the powerful dimensioning of the knife unit for the thorough comminution of entire bread loaf

In the breadmixer BM 500 Ecoline, bread is crushed together with water by a knife mounted on the bottom of the container. After the mixing time has elapsed, the bread mix is homogenized and can be added directly to the dough without further soaking.

  • Benefits
  • Equipment
  • Technical specifications


  • Mobile and ready to plug in
  • For 375 kg of bread mix
  • Easy to use
  • Hygienic and cleaning-friendly construction of the system
  • Flexible use for bread mix ≥ TA 350
  • Improved freshness and taste by adding bread mix to the dough


  • Single-wall stainless steel fermenter
  • Knife for the thorough comminution of entire bread loaf
  • PLC control with touchpanel
  • Pump unit gear pump BT3, dry-running
  • Dispensing hose with 180 ° return arc

Technical specifications

  • BM 500

BM 500

Machine Dimensions
Height mm 1550
Width mm 1385
Depth mm 1100
Filling Height mm 1610
Outlet Height mm variable via dosing hose
Motor Power
Electrical Specifications 3Ph/N/PE, 400 V~ 50 Hz, CEE-plug 32 A
Motor Power Stirrer Motor kW 7,50
Motor Power kW 0,75
Total Weight kg 220
Volume Liter 560
Minimum batch quantity kg 125
Capacity kg 375
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