Starwheel and sliding hopper

Optimal buffering and dough portioning

The hopper is characterized by its simple and robust design. Loaded by a DIOSNA elevator and tipper, it guarantees a clean buffering and dosing of dough for the subsequent dough processing line.

It does not matter if pre-dough, fresh dough or scrap dough is processed. Our many years of experience and expertise make your dough feeding with DIOSNA hoppers a safe and efficient process.

  • Advantages
  • Hopper container
  • Outdosing


  • Smooth surfaces and ground clearance for easy cleaning
  • Automatic dough flow control via light scanner
  • Hopper can be integrated in DIOSNA elevator and tipper systems
  • Buffering and portioning of pre-, fresh and back dough

Hopper container

  • Hopper framework made of stainless steel material, variable heights selectable
  • Hopper container is mobile or stationary
  • Volume size of hopper from 300 l to 1200 l
  • As DIOSNA elevator and tipper system with PLC control and touch panel availablere
  • Intervention protection by ripcord on the hoppers upper edge
Optional: Hopper inner walls teflon-coated
Optional: hopper lubrication


Starwheel dosage 

  • Chamber volume 2 l / 100 mm
  • Electronic motor driven
  • Constant dosage due to fixed portion size
     For coarse portioning of easily flowable doughs

Slider standard 

  • Slider length 310 mm
  • Slide width from 200 mm to 600 mm
  • Pneumatically driven
  • Dosing opening fixed
    → For coarse portioning of medium to heavy flow doughs

Electric Motor Slide 

  • Slider length 310 mm
  • Electric motor driven
  • Cycle time and opening width of the slider in the touch panel additionally adjustable
    → For precise portioning of light to heavy free-flowing doughs