DLG Bread Testing

Quality assurance bread

Who gives you an objective assessment of product quality? The fact is, if the quality is not the same, than far more than 90% of consumers will change their purchasing behavior and also test the bread of your competitors.

This scenario should not happen at all.

Use our service to ensure your bread quality. Our experts, all trained DLG experts, give you feedback on the aspects of appearance, structure, preservation and taste. In addition, you will receive important tips and hints for possible optimizations. With our support, you will ensure that your customers always receive the quality they expect.

DoughExperts' computer-assisted bread-making tests give a correction to every deviation and help you to fulfill special requirements for your product characteristics.

Your direct contact for the highest bread quality mailto:qualitätsberatung@diosna.de


  • Detect weak points in production
  • Targeted optimization of production processes
  • Ensuring quality
  • Define your own bread quality
  • Define your own taste