Rented machines

In addition to our DIOLab in Osnabrück, we offer the possibility to perform your tests for the development of recipes and processes on rental machines also at your factory. For this, we are offering:

  • A large number of rented machines (please find a detailed list below)
  • Professional assembly by our trained personnel
  • Rental time adapted to your demands
  • Partial offsetting of the rental charge if one of our machines is bought later
  • Training on the use of the machine
  • Support of your tests by competent personnel


With our rental machines we extend our customer service and offer you flexible and uncomplicated alternatives to actively get to know our plants when you are implementing your test series. 

If this is of interest, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Telephone +49 (0) 541 33104 0

List of machines for rental

  • P 1-6: Mixer- Granulator for laboratory sizes of 0,25 l to 6 l
  • Minilab RC with fluid bed module for batches from 50 g to 3500 g
  • Minilab RC with tablet coater module for batches from 500 g to 3000 g
  • P/VAC 10-60: as mixture granulator with 60 l material container
  • V100: Universal Mixer with an usable capacity of 110 L