Test Your Development Process

Book your free* test trial on our granulation equipment at our ProcessLab in Osnabrück, Germany.

Discover the positive effects of high-shear and fluid-bed granulation in tablet production!
The high-shear granulation (wet granulation) has a positive effect on the formation of granules with perfect flow and surface properties that provide homogeneous filling of the dies during tablet pressing.
By high-shear granulation you gain harmonious and homogeneous API distribution on the granules.
Work with our expert consultants and test your development processes for yourself, including: mixing, granulation, drying, milling, final blending, tableting and coating.  Using our
Midilab RC
P/VAC 50
P/VAC 10-60 
CAP 10-80 RC
Dry and wet sieving mill (conical mill)
for the granulation process and  we will give you insights to match compression times and loading rates for your manufacturing tablet press. 
We will also be able to provide some insights on scale up for high shear and fluid bed processes.

*We will provide placebo material and provide a true demonstation of the P 1-6, Minilab RC and Natoli RD30. For DIOSNA instruments, to run customer's material beyond 1 day time and labor rates apply