Powerful and versatile for fast product and process development

The MIDILAB RC is a mobile, highly flexible laboratory system with a very wide range of applications to perform many processes quickly, comfortably and professionally. The modular design allows a rapid change between a high shear mixer, a fluid bed and a tablet coating module. While the coating module allows film and sugar coating in three different drum sizes, the fluidized bed module offers drying, top and tangential spray as well as wurster coating in four different material containers.

With the MIDILAB RC, all units such as the inlet air treatment unit, inlet air heater and fan are integrated into the housing. The MIDILAB RC is designed for plug & play operation, so that the system is ready for operation. Exchanging of the modules is toolless.

For all modules, the MIDILAB RC is operated via a swiveling and tilting touchscreen, which is embedded in a stainless steel housing. The MIDILAB RC a generous work surface, numerous options for solvent operation, automatic loading and unloading and air conditioning allow the system to be configured to suit the functionality and design of production facilities. This can create the conditions for a quick transfer of the laboratory results to the pilot or production scale.

  • Advantages
  • Options Fluid Bed Module
  • Options Tablet Coater Module
  • Technical data


  • High shear mixing, fluidized bed and tablet coating processes with one machine.
  • High flexibility due to wide batch range
  • Basic version for semi-automatic cleaning has been prepared
  • Comfortable operation through a swivelling and tilting fully graphical display
  • Easy and tool-free exchange of the modules
  • 21 CFR Part 11 conform

Options Fluid Bed Module

  • 4 exchangeable containers 7 l, 12 l, 16 l, 20 l
  • Top, bottom, or tangential spray processes
  • Options for the operation with solvents
  • Containment, PAT
  • WIP/CIP cleaning
  • Swivelling and tilting material containers as well as inflatable seals on the process container

Options Tablet Coater Module

  • 3 exchangeable drums 7l / 12l / 20l
  • Swivelling front door with large inspection glass
  • individual adjustment of the coating arm to the drum
  • film and sugar coating processes
  • nozzles with Schlick ABC nozzle technologie and cleaning needle

Technical data

  • Fluid Bed Module
  • Tablet Coater Module
  • Basic

Fluid Bed Module

Unit Size
Material container size L 7 / 12 / 16 / 20
Batch size 1) kg 1-10
max. inlet air temperatur2) °C 100
air volume flow m³/h 250
electric energy supply kW 22
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm 900 x 990 x 2342

Tablet Coater Module

Unit Size
Material container size L 7/12/20
Batch size 1) kg 1,7-12
max. inlet air temperatur2) °C 100
air volume flow m³/h 250
electric energy supply kW 24
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm 900 x 990 x 1914


Unit Size
Material container size L -
Batch size 1) kg -
max. inlet air temperatur2) °C -
air volume flow m³/h -
electric energy supply kW -
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm 2881 x 990 x 1914

1) Process- and Product-depending
2) temperature increase optional

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