High shear mixer for the pharmaceutical production

High shear mixers from DIOSNA have been used by many pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide for several decades. Discover the possibilities of our excellent mixing technology.

Efficient granulators and high shear mixers

High shear mixers are the ideal solution to manufacture safe and reproduceable granulates and inhalants, even for the most difficult recipes and different filling volumes. Our high shear mixers are used in various areas of the pharmaceutical industry, ranging from R&D through clinical batch manufacturing up to production scale. Mixing and granulation are carried out effortlessly within one system. The fields of application include the use as mobile R&D mixer, as mixer granulator in free-standing installation or as "through the wall" construction.

Functionality and use of our high shear batch mixer

We have been serving our customers in the pharmaceutical industry with our high shear mixers for more than 50 years. Through our long-term experience we are deeply involved in the latest developments of the mixing technology and can offer systems tailored to our customers’ requirements. Our high shear mixers are manufactured with an excellent precision and are built in a robust design which guarantees close tolerances - for example between the bowl base and the impeller. In this way, you benefit from the highest possible product yield. In addition, the high shear batch mixer allows an optimum mixing process due to its design. Each particle is always in motion and is automatically involved in the mixing process. The large mixing blades with enlarged blade tips are positioned tangentially to the central hub. This ensures a good circulation of material through the high shear mixer even at low speed leading to an extremely efficient and thorough mixing.

High shear mixer – smart construction in detail

The cutting edges of the chopper are positioned in the zone with the highest tip speed which causes optimal densification of the granulates and precise control of the particle size range. Loading is executed via gravity but mainly via vacuum. After cleaning, the DIOSNA Toollift system lifts the mixing tool pneumatically to allow easy and time-efficient checking of the sealing area. Cleaning can be executed fully automatically with support of optional cleaning nozzles and CIP-designed filters. Today, the DIOSNA high shear mixers are often used for the manufacturing of highly potent drugs under containment conditions. Special containment valves, e.g. split butterfly valves, in combination with WIP- or CIP-cleaning allow the processing of these substances.

Advantages of the high shear batch mixer

Our high-performance high shear mixers guarantee an even distribution of all ingredients and high quality granulates. Thus, our customers profit from a fast and even drying – e.g. fluidized bed drying – and excellent tableting properties. Even sticky products can be perfectly mixed and granulated. The special bowl profile allows filling volumes between 30 and 90 %. For many recipes with smaller filling volumes, our high shear mixers are delivering excellent results. Identical bowl profiles enable an easy scale up. That is why our high shear mixers deliver high-quality products and efficient manufacturing processes at the same time.
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