Pharma-Technology. Health should be premium.

Our pharmaceutical and technology experts are guided by a common idea: health should be "premium". With healthcare know-how and a passion for technology, DIOSNA enables its customers to produce products of the highest quality.
To ensure that product quality is always safe, reproducible and very efficient, we give the manufacturing process itself the highest quality. You benefit from specific solutions that are easy to handle, especially for highly complex products, and are of course GMP-compliant in all DIOSNA plants.

Customers also appreciate DIOSNA high-performance machines for their uncompromising practicality: space-saving, flexible and effortless to operate. 21 CFR PART 11-compliant software allows your staff fully automated control. State-of-the-art containment solutions make research and development work absolutely safe.
Trust our innovative mindset and our individual advice. We will be happy to accompany you from recipe development to the last refinement on a production scale. The doors of our DIOLab in Osnabrück are also open to you for testing your latest products and future plans.

<b>More DIOSNA benefits. </b> More values:

More DIOSNA benefits. More values:

  • Space-saving shapes and designs
  • Flexibility through modular construction
  • Highest safety through modern containment solutions
Our<b> high-performance machines:</b>

Our high-performance machines:

  • High-shear granulators
  • Fluid bed processors
  • One-pot systems
  • coaters
Our process solutions for<b> your development</b> in terms of

Our process solutions for your development in terms of

  • Mixing
  • Granulating
  • Drying
  • Coating- Pelletising
Your tablet production with DIOSNA and expert network.<br /> <b>Ask us</b>

Your tablet production with DIOSNA and expert network.
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