Tastier bread the natural way

Pre-dough: For modern baked products and longer shelf life

In addition to variety and taste, the challenge of modern baked goods production is the naturalness of the products. End consumers want transparency above all: Where does the baked product come from? How was it made? What ingredients does it consist of?
To ensure that bakeries around the world also improve in terms of quality, DIOSNA solutions continue to be at the forefront of the production of their own pre-doughs.

Pre-dough preparation with a head start:

You start ahead. With high-quality biotechnology and pre-dough systems:

  • Holistic and consistent bakery production through integrated process solutions
  • Higher machine efficiency through precisely fitting biotechnology
  • No mistakes in the run-up to dough preparation: in-house laboratory for flour and dough analysis at DIOSNA headquarters in Osnabrück

Visit our DIOLab in Osnabrück  and test your products together with our experts.

We are guided by modern lifestyles, nutrition and the idea of baking

We are guided by modern lifestyles, nutrition and the idea of baking

The independent pre-dough preparation ensures production with significantly fewer auxiliary materials. Our experts, biotechnologists and machine engineers therefore develop with the main idea of enabling pre-dough solutions for the production of baked goods that fit modern nutrition and lifestyles. The original baking craft should also be included.

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Holistic dough concepts for <b>freshness and naturalness</b>

Holistic dough concepts for freshness and naturalness

Our long-standing customers trust in complete solutions from DIOSNA, precisely geared to their product ideas and goals. They include flour and dough analysis in DIOSNA's own laboratory, dosing, dough development, the appropriate biotechnology, kneading and solutions for the proofing process.


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<b>Biotechnology</b> for even more efficient plant technology

Biotechnology for even more efficient plant technology

DIOSNA biotechnology supports the efficiency of your machines in the production process. It is perfectly matched to the plant technology and ensures maximum efficiency in your entire production - while at the same time ensuring the highest quality of the end products.

Cultures for the <b>best possible start </b>

Cultures for the best possible start

Optimal fermentation is crucial for the success of your production process. That is why we produce starter cultures for our customers directly at the DIOSNA site. We produce using the latest technology. This ensures the highest quality of cultures and the best possible conversion. You too can start more efficiently.


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