High-quality elevator tippers
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Tailor-made solutions for an optimised production process are offered by DIOSNA's elevator tippers and add a crucial component to your operation. Are you already using our professional systems for dough production, but are you looking for systems in the production process to effectively save power and time? Then you have come to the right place. For over 135 years, the name DIOSNA has stood for first-class machines "made in Germany" from Osnabrück.
Started in 1885 as a company for equipment in the agricultural and domestic sectors, DIOSNA is now a globally active company with a focus on the food and pharmaceutical industries. As DoughExperts, we manufacture various machines, plants and systems for bakeries, where the focus is on innovative product development.


Elevator tipper

HK 170


Elevator tipper

HKV 224


Elevator tipper

HK 300 - HK 600


Elevator tipper

HK 1200

<b>More efficiency</b><br>in your business

More efficiency
in your business

Businesses of all sizes will find the ideal elevator tipper in our product portfolio. The range extends from the space-saving table tipper to the high-performance system for industrial purposes - you decide which solution meets your requirements. Despite the differences in size, our machines share many common features, which include a compact design, high robustness and versatile usability. The advantages of a DIOSNA elevator tipper are obvious: whereas transport was previously a laborious and time-consuming process, you can now turn your attention to other work steps and run a more profitable business.

<b>The mobile table tipper:</b><br>Elevator tipper HK 170

The mobile table tipper:
Elevator tipper HK 170

Regardless of whether you prefer use on the floor or on the table, small businesses get an optimally usable solution with the HK 170 elevator tipper. The compact design and easy handling, but also the low-maintenance operation ensure reliable use over long periods of time. Optionally mobile or stationary, the HK 170 has excellent safety features. For example, the lift has a safety catch to prevent it from falling, while it is locked in place with the help of a toothed rack. The electrically secured safety bar also contributes to safe use. The maximum load, consisting of tub and dough, is 600 kg.

<b>For top performance</b><br>The HK 1200 elevator tipper

For top performance
The HK 1200 elevator tipper

Also created for industrial use, the HK 1200 stands out above all due to its space-saving design. The small footprint and vertical column design ensure that you have plenty of room for additional installations. Thanks to its 2-gear shift on the motor, the system offers optimised lifting and proves to be durable, robust and reliable. The technical data of the model inspire industrial users. While the maximum load is 1,200 kg, the HK 1200 has a maximum tipping height of five metres. With 16 tippings per hour, the HK 1200 lifting tipper has the highest efficiency and a continuous production flow.

<b>Elevator tipper HKV 224</b> for maximum flexibility

Elevator tipper HKV 224 for maximum flexibility

The HKV 224 series goes the extra mile, impressing with intelligent additional equipment and versatility. The core component of the HKV series is the flexible column, which works in both inclined and vertical positions. With regard to the configuration, there are numerous variants to choose from, which is why the system can be individually adapted to your operation. For example, the elevator tipper is available either as a mobile or stationary system, allows the choice between a stand-alone system or integration into a fully automatic system, and enables different vat receptacles. Thanks to its overhead drive, the elevator tipper scores with a low space requirement as well as for maximum safety thanks to two roller chains. In addition, various versions are available, with the HKV 224 available in all-stainless steel finish or in the painted option with stainless steel tongs. The maximum dumping height of the 1,500 kg unit is 3.50 m.

<b>Robust solutions</b> for the industry

Robust solutions for the industry

With the HK 300, HK 600 and HK 1000 elevator tippers, you get machines specially designed for use in large-scale operations. As an alternative to normal use, they are also available as cleaning elevator tippers and have an inclined design for the best possible dough feeding. In addition to a hopper, the tippers also have a compactly built working platform. The overall product is convincing due to its easy handling and is available either as a mobile or stationary unit. The differences between the individual variants are mainly in the maximum load. While the HK 300 holds a considerable 600 kg, the HK 600 with 1,000 kg and the HK 1000 with 2,000 kg represent considerable increases. The maximum dumping height depends on the conditions of your requirements. All three sizes are designed for 3-shift operation thanks to their robust construction and offer a secure hold of the vats with the aid of the tong lock. Furthermore, a frequency converter can be used for an optimised lifting speed. Together with the matching DIOSNA hoppers, you get an overall versatile system that allows you to get the maximum performance out of your production.

Getting to know DIOSNA <b>at the technical centre</b>

Getting to know DIOSNA at the technical centre

You would like to receive further information about the DIOSNA product portfolio? Are you thinking about purchasing an elevator tipper for your company? Of course we offer you the possibility to test and compare our machines in detail. The open laboratory of the DIOSNA technical centre in Osnabrück specialises in the subject of kneading and has several test facilities. In addition to spiral and wendel mixers, we will show you our automated solutions for large-scale operations here. Just as important as choosing the right kneading system is deciding on a suitable pre-dough system. In the Osnabrück technical centre, machines for the production of pre-dough are available for testing in our test bakery. During your visit, our experts will be happy to advise you in detail and give you a clear impression of all the machines available.