Scrap Dough & Leftover Bread Processing
Sustainability is our motto

Excellent quality results with efficient progress - with DIOSNA bakery machines you get the maximum out of your operation. The broad product portfolio includes everything from compact systems for small businesses to fully automated solutions for large-scale operations that enable uncomplicated and economical operations. The Osnabrück-based company has been manufacturing excellent machines for over 135 years. While the initial focus was on systems for agriculture and domestic farming, today the company concentrates on the food and pharmaceutical industries. With experience and pioneering spirit, DIOSNA drives the constant further development of its products, for suitable and innovative investments towards the future.


Bread fermentation

Ecoline (for 200 - 1000kg Pre-dough)


Bread mixer

Ecoline (for 375kg Bread mix)

Sternwalzen- und Schiebetrichter

Star roller and sliding hopper