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A solution for every challenge

DIOSNA – For over 135 years, our name has stood for the highest quality. Today, our company focuses on the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics industries. The broad spectrum of our DIOSNA pharmaceutical plants ranges from laboratory machines for formulation development to machines for process development and clinical sample production to plants and plant systems for production. While our pharmaceutical machines, such as those of the P and P/VAC series, are designed for mixing and granulating, machines such as the modular laboratory systems of the Rapid Change series (RC) MINILAB RC and MIDILAB RC ensure the drying, agglomeration and coating of solids. The CCS RC series brings this modularity to production scale. 

We are also qualified in the field of containment applications.  Many national and international manufacturers rely on our individual solutions, our process know-how, our quality and our service.

Laboratory, pilot und production

Specialised, combined and flexible solutions for your pharmaceutical plant - The solutions offered cover all industrial processes. While pharmaceutical plants such as the P/VAC - 10 concentrate on mixing and granulating, machines such as the MIDILAB RC ensure the flawless drying, agglomeration and coating of the substances. In addition, DIOSNA offers combined solutions that are capable of handling several of these steps at the same time. Since the pharmaceutical industry carries out both production and research work, the size of the plants varies depending on the application. For example, modular laboratory systems such as the MINILAB RC are suitable for small-scale development work; production machines, on the other hand, are optimised for the large-scale production of pharmaceutical products.



Mixing and granulating in one step

Three scales, three specialisations. DIOSNA's pharmaceutical mixers and granulators address the specific requirements of each department. With the P1-6, user-friendly production of dry mixes and moist granulates on a small scale is possible. As a tabletop unit with easily removable containers and touch screen, it proves to be extremely versatile. The mobile P/VAC - 10 is just as practical and represents a functional extension of the P1-6. The flexible transition between laboratory and large-scale production is made possible by the P/VAC 10-60 pilot plant processor. As a fully-fledged production machine, it enables the production and drying of granulates even under vacuum. Finally, a range of professional pharmaceutical machines is available for production scale; sizes range from the P300 to the P1800, enabling efficient mass production with 300 to 1800 l.



Fluid bed processors for the pharmaceutical industry

The DIOSNA fluid bed processors carry out a number of elementary processes. Drying, spray granulation, powder coating, pellet and tablet coating can be realised on a small or large scale. As a table-top unit, the MINILAB RC is designed for research and development work and covers a wide range of tablet production. Convenient operation, easy cleaning and high flexibility are among the advantages of the compact system, which is designed for batches from 0.2 to 3.2 kg. The CAP 10-80 RC is advancing into larger scales. It convinces with a flexible batch range from 5 to 40 kg as well as easy handling: Container change and operation are quick and particularly efficient. The most comprehensive systems are the fluid bed processors CAP 150 - CAP 1800, whose equipment includes graphic display and control by means of a computer or PC control system, as well as additional components. These include granulating liquid tanks, cleaning stations, calibration mills, lifting columns and vacuum conveying systems


Combined pharmaceutical lines - optimally matched to each other

The granulation line solutions combine the functions of pharmaceutical mixer, granulator and fluid bed processor in one machine. The CCS 10-80 RC granulation line, which is controlled via two operator terminals, is space-saving. Without tools, both system components, i.e. mixer-granulator and fluid bed processor, can be equipped with different container sizes, thus underlining flexible adaptation to the respective process. Independent operation of only one of the components is also possible. Further qualities are the easy accessibility of all components and the associated uncomplicated cleaning. The larger CCS/CGS 150-1300 pelletising lines, which are optimised for larger quantities, offer the same advantages. All lines feature the innovative through-the-wall assembly, which ensures strict separation between the production and technical areas. In addition to the granulation line, the single-pot processors are also part of DIOSNA's multifunctional pharmaceutical range.



Pharma machines for precise tablet coating

Uniform coating even for products with unfavourable flow properties: DIOSNA offers a wide range of professional pharmaceutical systems for this purpose. The powerful and flexible MIDILAB RC is equally suitable for film and sugar coating. Its mobile housing encloses all units, provides a practical work surface and has a swivelling and tilting touchscreen for operation. While the portable MIDILAB RC can handle batches from 2 to 16 kg, the fixed HDC (Horizontal Drum Coater) is suitable for batch sizes from 5 to 500 kg. One advantage is the design of the drum, which allows it to be used for all types of tablets. As with all DIOSNA machines, easy cleaning and quick access to functionally relevant parts are further advantages.



Universal use of pharmaceutical equipment

The application range of DIOSNA pharmaceutical machines goes far beyond the pharmaceutical industry, as the universal mixers of the V 10 - 200 series prove. Their field of application includes the food, cosmetics and chemical industries. The production of spice and herb mixtures, instant soups and sports nutrition is thus just as possible as the production of dental mixtures, face powder and eye shadow. The universal mixers V 250 - 1600 are designed for maximum batches. Despite their high performance, they are characterised by a low construction.



Modern pharmacy with advanced machines from DIOSNA

As "Pharma Experts", DIOSNA ensures maximum efficiency, user-friendliness and quality of the end products with the continuous further development of its pharmaceutical plants. Without these state-of-the-art machines, pharmacy according to today's standards would be unthinkable. A look back to the 19th century illustrates the massive social progress made through chemical as well as manufacturing innovations. At that time, the production of medicines was largely done by hand. This resulted, on the one hand, in insufficient quantities for the population's needs and, on the other, in constantly varying quality and thus unreliability of pharmaceutical products. Today, the broad masses benefit from a variety of available medicines whose quality is consistent and whose prices are relatively low. Mass production and constant research are indispensable prerequisites for this. The Osnabrück-based company supplies customised solutions for this purpose, to facilitate the development of new medicines as well as their production. The company's laboratory and production machines carry out all the industrial processes that make modern pharmacy possible, from granulation to coating. A pioneering spirit and the pursuit of perfection ensure that DIOSNA will continue to produce first-class pharmaceutical systems "Made in Germany" in the future.

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