Aroma system Multiline – Constant pre-doughs through safe processes

Thermally guided pre-doughs

Your main benefits
  • Flexible recipe control for swelling, scalding, cooking and AromaStück®
  • Adapted to your specific requirements
  • Hygiene- and cleaning-friendly design of the unit
  • Individually configurable
  • Modular structure

This stand-alone pre-dough system for swelling, scalding, cooking and AromaStück® is available with a capacity of 500 or 1000 kg at a TA of at least 300 depending on the raw materials and processes used.

A special feature of the AromaStück® Multiline is the optimised process control for constant pre-dough quality.

Thanks to variable fermentation times and flexible stirring intervals, you can prepare specially selected guides, just like completely different pre-doughs.

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The aroma systems of the Multiline series consist of a three-walled stainless steel fermenter with water bath technology.

The anchor agitator with its special agitator and wall scraper is tuned for pre-dough production, powerfully dimensioned and enables you to mix all your ingredients optimally.

The dosing pump is dry-running safe and is provided in a robust design with pipe distribution for dosing out and cleaning.

The PLC control ensures correct compliance with your fermentation times and temperatures as well as dosing quantity control.


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